Public Courses

Harvest Imaging is teaching several public or open technical courses, organized by third parties. In general, these courses are accessible to everyone who wants to know more about certain aspects of digital imaging or who wants to get a general introduction to the subject of digital imaging. The primary targeted audiences are engineers, managers and students.

The following courses are planned on the short term :

1) 5-day course focusing on image sensors (organized by CEI Europe www.cei.se)
The major objective of this course is to make the participants familiar and experienced with solid-state imaging and the relevant related topics. It will give an in-depth view of the possibilities and limitations of the image capturing technology of today and tomorrow. Practical sessions will form a strong backbone of the course, complemented by several tutorial lectures.

2) 4-day of 3-day course focusing on camera systems (organized by CEI Europe www.cei.se)
This course is developed to provide theoretical familiarity and hands-on experience with digital cameras and associated topics with focus on the overall system aspects. The complete path will be discussed from "photons in" to "digital numbers out". The effect of light sources, optics, imagers, defects, and data processing will be covered.

3) 2-day course entitled Basic Introduction to CMOS image sensors (organized by FSRM www.fsrm.ch and FRAMOS www.framos.eu)
This course deals with the working principles, technology and applications of CMOS image sensors.

4) 2-day advanced course focusing on solid-state imaging technology (organized by CEI Europe www.cei.se)
This course is intended for the more-experienced imaging engineers and deals with the most recent developments on image sensors. In principle, this course can be seen as a follow-on training for the 5-days course on image sensors. The creation of this course is inspired by the many comments founds on the feedback forms of the people who participated in the 5-day course.

5) 2-day course focusing on hands-on evaluation and measurements of existing image sensors and cameras (organized by CEI Europe www.cei.se)
This training is the very first one of its kind and offers the participants the opportunity to work in the classroom with existing cameras and do the evaluation of the devices themselves. Laptops, cameras, lightsources, power supplies, test charts and other equipment needed will be provided. The amount of participants in the class room is limited to allow an optimal interaction between trainer and trainees.

To register for one of these courses, you can do so on the corresponding website. If you are interested in a custom in-house course, have a look at the In-House Courses.

Upcoming Public Courses

  • WEBINAR : Noise, You Love It or You Hate It
    24 January 2018, 4pm (Brussels)
  • Basic Introduction to CMOS Image Sensors
    April 10-11, 2018
    Taufkirchen-Muenchen (Germany)
  • Digital Imaging : Image Capturing, Image Sensors, Technologies & Applications
    April 23-27, 2018
    Amersfoort (the Netherlands)
  • Hands-on Characterization of Solid-State Image Sensors
    May 16-18, 2018
    Amersfoort (the Netherlands)
  • Digital Camera Systems
    June 4-6, 2018
    Dresden (Germany)
  • Characterization of a CMOS camera : hands-on
    June 26-27, 2018
    Taufkirchen-Muenchen (Germany)